Electronics and Communication Engineering

The new trends in the business, industry and nearly all the walks of life have forced us to think twice before the choice of an educational stream as the modern trend in education has changed the total scenario of education paradigms. In the 21st century, one has to be strong, active, creative and well versed in computers. This is an advanced course and incorporates the latest developments and innovations in the field of computer science and technology. After completion of this diploma course, you will be well equipped with cutting edge knowledge and information. We are well equipped with all the advanced facilities like modern classrooms, labs, libraries, computer labs, and highly educated and experienced faculty members that are essential for the successful completion of the course. We also aim and emphasize student's training and placement.

Institution Admission Enquiry Website
JIS College of Engineering 94320 11490/ 94320 14111 www.jiscollege.ac.in
Narula Institute of Technology 89024 96650 www.nit.ac.in
Guru Nanak Institute of Technology 94320 12681 www.nit.ac.in
Sur Institute of Technology 89024 96652 www.dsec.ac.in
Greater Kolkata College of Engineering and Management (JV) 90736 83914, 90736 83915 www.gkcem.ac.in
Asansol Engineering College (JV) 97358 41034 www.aecwb.edu.in
Abacus Institute of Engineering & Management (JV) 98309 21729 www.abacusinstitute.org