JIS Group is hosting a Singing Competition where students can send the recorded videos of their singing performances and showcase their amazing talent to the world.

JIS Group is organizing a virtual singing competition to encourage young budding singers to recognize their talents. There will be three categories in the competition i.e. Solo, Band and Duet. The participants can take part in three categories and send their video recordings to us by 12th August 2021 (by 12 noon). Also, the performances must be genre-specific and must be either "Classical" or "Non-Classical" performed in English, Bengali or Hindi. The eligible entries will then be judged by a judges panel and the names of the top winners will be announced accordingly. The winners will be awarded prize money.

So Hurry Up And Grab The Mic Because It's Your Chance To Sing To The World.

(Read The Rules And Regulations Carefully And Upload Your Entries)

  1. Students across India within the age group of 16-25 can participate in the event.

  2. All participants have to submit the mandatory details by clicking on the "Submit Here" section. They then have to click on the “Upload” section and submit their entries.

  3. All entries to be submitted by 12th August 2021.

  4. One person can participate in any of the three mentioned categories (Solo, Band, and Duet) or all the three categories. However, only one entry can be sent per category.

  5. Entries once submitted cannot be edited.

  6. The entries must be in the form of videos (MP4 format). Please note that the Solo and Duet videos must not exceed the time limit of 4 minutes. In the case of Band performances, the time limit is 5 minutes.

  7. The performances are strictly genre-based and must be either "Classical" or "Non-Classical" in the mentioned languages i.e. English, Bengali or Hindi.

  8. While finally uploading the video, rename it with your "Name" and the "three last digits of your mobile number”. For example, if your name is "Riya Das" and the last 3 digits of your mobile number is "726", the file name must be named "RiyaDas726".

  9. Songs with political influences / vulgar languages will be disqualified.

  10. Self compositions are allowed but the lyrics must be decent and family friendly.

  11. All contestants are to dress appropriately. Indecent exposure is NOT allowed.

  12. No Registration/ Entry Fee to Participate in the Competition.

  13. By submitting personal information for registration, all participants acknowledge that they have read through the competition Rules & Regulations and consent to allow the Organizing Committee to use all personal information for administrative purposes and data analysis. All personal data provided will be kept confidential at all times.