Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

Computer Science Engineering is the branch of engineering which studies elements both from electrical engineering and computer science and applies it to the making and development of computers and computer-based systems. A wing to the rapid development of computer technology, multimedia and information technology, computers are not only being used in industries but are widely used by individuals. Computer engineers build computers such as PCs, workstations, and supercomputers. They also build computer-based systems widely used such as those found in cars, planes, appliances, electronics, phones, communication networks, and many other products. Computer engineers typically design not only the hardware but also much of the software in computer-based systems.

Institution Admission Enquiry Website
JIS University 86977 43361 / 86977 43362
JIS College of Engineering 94320 11490/ 94320 14111
Narula Institute of Technology 89024 96650
Guru Nanak Institute of Technology 94320 12681
Sur Institute of Technology 89024 96652
Greater Kolkata College of Engineering and Management (JV) 90736 83914, 90736 83915
Asansol Engineering College (JV) 97358 41034
Abacus Institute of Engineering & Management (JV) 98309 21729